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Syracuse Lead Paint Removal

Residential Lead Paint Removal – Syracuse New York

Lead Based Paint Removal Professionals Serving the Syracuse, NY Area

Single and multi-unit homes constructed before 1978, when the U.S. began regulating lead-based paint, can pose a risk of lead contamination for homeowners and residents, and especially children if lead based paint is consumed or decomposes into surrounding soil. At Empire State Professionals, we partner with residential property owners throughout the Syracuse and Central New York area to identify contamination risks from lead-based paint and provide safe, professional lead paint removal and remediation.

Lead Paint Removal Solutions

If old lead paint isn’t peeling, it essentially poses no serious risk. Wherever there is a risk, Empire State Professionals can safely abate the contamination risk by using an approved abatement and remediation method, depending on specific circumstances:

Lead Paint Encapsulation

Encapsulate the lead paint using specially formulated coatings designed for this specific purpose. Normally the least complex and most economical solution, encapsulation involves the application of a specially made coating, which is designed to seal the paint to the surface and prevent the release of paint dust or flaking in the home. Encapsulation provides a specific barrier between the pait and the surrounding environment.

Surface Enclosure

With this method, the old surface is covered with a new surface such as drywall or cladding. This may also include replacing window sills or covering them with vinyl cladding.

Lead Abatement & Lead Paint Removal in Syracuse, NY

At Empire State Professionals, we are local construction and property renovation professionals who specialize in Syracuse area lead abatement and lead paint removal. We comply with all federal and state regulations. If you are a property owner with concerns about lead paint on your property, contact us now for more information and to schedule an on-site inspection.

syracuse lead paint removal contractor

Syracuse Lead Abatement Specialists

Empire State Professionals provides a complete range of Lead Abatement Services for residential, commercial, and institutional properties including:

Lead Abatement
Lead Paint Abatement
Removal of Lead Contaminated Soil
Debris Disposal Services
Structural Build Outs and Application of New Building Finishes
Window and component installation and replacement

Contact Empire State Professionals, your Syracuse lead abatement contractor, today to discuss all your lead abatement and mitigation needs.

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Syracuse and Central New York commercial and residential facilities and home owners rely on us to provide solutions to their environmental and construction challenges. Empire State Professionals, Inc. can help you with all of your environmental & construction needs.

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