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Residential & Commercial Lead Abatement – Syracuse & Central New York

Lead Abatement

The highly trained technicians at Empire State Professionals are skilled in every aspect of lead abatement. We provide lead abatement services for residential, commercial, and institutional property owners throughout the Syracuse and Central New York area, including Rochester, the Finger Lakes Region, the Southern Tier, Utica, and the Mohawk Valley.

Lead Abatement and Lead Based Paint Abatement

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): “If your home or office was built before 1978, there is a good chance it has lead-based paint. In 1978, the federal government banned consumer uses of lead-containing paint, but some states banned it even earlier. Lead from paint, including lead-contaminated dust, is one of the most common causes of lead poisoning.”

Additionally, the EPA provides additional guidance with respect to lead: “Lead paint is still present in millions of homes, sometimes under layers of newer paint. If the paint is in good shape, the lead paint is usually not a problem. Deteriorating lead-based paint (peeling, chipping, chalking, cracking, damaged, or damp) is a hazard and needs immediate attention.”

Lead and lead paint may also represent a major hazard if it is found on surfaces that young children can chew on, or that gets significant wear and tear, including windows and window sills, stairs, banisters, railings, porches, and both interior and entry doors and door frames.

It is essential that all paint be maintained in excellent shape and be maintained in a clean and dust free condition.

Household Lead Abatement

Normal household dust presents a potentially serious lead problem when lead-base paint starts to deteriorate. Lead dust can find it’s way into your home from contaminated outside soil, from contaminated exterior lead-based paint and other sources such as garages where leaded gasoline has been stored, or sources of industrial pollution.

Normal structural maintenance such as building renovations and repairs, and exterior building painting can create toxic lead dust when surfaces of buildings are demolished or disturbed.

Water Pipes and Solder

Historically, lead has been used in some water pipes and service lines as well as in older household plumbing. Lead can enter your inside water system through leaching as water flows through your pipes. Lead pipes and lead solder were extremely common in both residential and commercial interior plumbing until about 1986.

Empire State Professionals in Syracuse, New York will come to your home, office, building, or property to perform a lead paint and lead risk assessment. We also ensure that all our work will be performed in a safe, effective, and timely manner in order to protect your family, employees and customers.

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Syracuse Lead Abatement Specialists

Empire State Professionals provides a complete range of Lead Abatement Services for residential, commercial, and institutional properties including:

Lead Abatement
Lead Paint Abatement
Removal of Lead Contaminated Soil
Debris Disposal Services
Structural Build Outs and Application of New Building Finishes
Window and component installation and replacement

Contact Empire State Professionals, your Syracuse and CNY lead abatement contractor, today to discuss all your lead abatement and mitigation needs.

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