Syracuse NY Roofing Contractor CNYWhen you live in the Syracuse and upstate New York area, your home is subjected to all sorts of extreme weather. From hot and humid summers to brutally cold and windy winters. Snow and ice in the winter months is something many of us look forward to if you enjoy skiing and ice skating. This type of weather doesn’t make your roof very happy though.

Snow and ice are particularly hard on roofing surfaces and on your gutters when the temperatures are freezing. Identifying snow damage and taking preventative measures is important if you want to prevent costly roof replacement and preserve the health of your roof. Follow these tips for helping you extend the life of your roof.


The best way to prevent winter damage is to prepare your roof before the first frost. Clean your roof and gutters of any debris like twigs, fallen leaves, feathers. Inspect your roof for any damage that may need attention. Look for loose or missing, torn, or loose shingles. Fix any problem or call the professional roofing contractors in Syracuse at Empire State Professionals to solve your roofing repair and replacement problems before they become major issues before the snow and ice comes.

Free Your Roof

Snow and ice dams can be very harmful to roofs and can damage gutters and eavestroughs. They should always be removed. You can use a roof rake to remove the snow from the roof but ice dams are best removed manually and with little movement to prevent causing damage to your roof.

Insulate Your Attic

When your attic has the proper insulation, this is the best way to prevent ice dams from forming and it will improve the energy-efficiency of your home by preventing energy exchange.