replacement windows home remodel renovation Syracuse NYEven though your home can’t talk to you, it does give you signs when something is right. In the world of home improvement and home renovations in Syracuse & Central New York, this is especially true when it comes to windows. While they don’t last forever, high-quality replacement windows could last for 20 years or more. If your windows are feeling their age then you need to listen to what we tell so you will know when it is time to replace those old drafty windows.

They’re damaged, warped, or broken
While sometimes windows can be repaired is the damage is minor, like you need new weather-stripping. Replacing your windows is always preferred. A repaired window can still give you problems. Look to see if your windows fog up, feel drafty, stick when you try to open or close them or do they refuse to stay open. If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should replace them.

You want to reduce your energy bill
Windows provide some heat by letting the sunlight in during the winter months. If your windows are drafty you can find your energy bills going up 10 to 25% higher according to Replacing windows with energy-efficient ones can reduce your heating and cooling costs. If you decide to sell your home, replaced windows will be a real selling point.

It is important to know that not all windows are the same. Consider your needs. There are insulating glass and lots of options to meet the highest standards for energy efficiency while providing you with the windows best suited for your home.

Your home needs a makeover
Believe it or not, your windows are a prominent feature of your home. If they look worn your overall house will too. Is the color fading, is the material weathered or warping? It can all detract from the curb appeal of your home. When upgrading your home’s appearance you may want to look into changing up the type of window you get. Install larger windows as a way to increase the room’s natural light.

You’re renovating a historic home
If you have moved into a historic home that suffers from vinyl replacement windows that really take from the home’s historic charm. It goes to show the wrong windows can dramatically change the character of a home. If you want to install historically accurate replacement windows talk to a qualified customized window installer about custom requests to see about producing exact replicas of windows for your historical home.