If your home could tell you when something was wrong wouldn’t that be great? Hey, my windows aren’t working, they need to be replaced. Unfortunately, our homes can’t verbally tell us when things are not right. This makes spotting necessary upgrades around your home difficult to discover. The issue only gets more complicated for new homeowners that are unfamiliar with the various parts of their home. It’s a good idea to take note of the condition of your home’s physical appearance and functionality. One of the best places to being your home investigation is with your windows. We have noted some popular signs that can help you discover if your windows need replacing.

Noise Pollution

You can live near a busy intersection or out in a quiet neighborhood, noise pollution can leach into your home and affect your comfort. One of the biggest causes of this is poorly insulated windows. If your windows are offering little to no protection from the noises outdoors, that could be an indication that they may have been sealed incorrectly or constructed with thin materials. By replacing your windows as part of your home improvement remodeling project with double or triple-pane insulated glass will significantly decrease noise pollution.

Sad Curb Appeal

You may not realize it but your windows play a large role in the overall appearance of the exterior and interior of your home. For this reason, replacing windows is the most popular reason to create more curb appeal. It could be the window frames are outdated, or the window style doesn’t fit your aesthetic preferences. Today there is an endless variety of window styles, color blends, and window accessories that can help you create the perfect look of your dream home.

High Energy Bills

The energy efficiency of your home is often reflected in your utility bill. If you notice you’re paying out more for electricity over time, drafty windows could be the cause. This can cause your HVAC unit to work twice as hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.


Keeping track of the conditions of your windows is to inspect them seasonally. This is especially important to do after a storm. Look for soft window frames, chipped, or showing signs of water damage. Keep a record of windows that you are having difficulty operating and locking. These are all indicators that your window needs replacing.

You’ve Noted Window Damage, Now What?

If you believe your windows are not working properly, are damaged and that they take ways from your homes curb appeal then you need to contact a company that is trusted in the community. For locals in and around Syracuse, NY, that window company is Empire State Professionals. We provide professional Syracuse home renovations and remodeling solutions and are prepared to walk you through the steps involved in replacing your windows.