There are many advantages to replacing old windows. They can enhance the look of your home, eliminate drafts and make your home quieter by keeping out outside noises out. The double-hung windows available today make it much easier to maintain and clean than the windows you find in many older homes.

Today installed replacement windows in Syracuse come in many different styles, colors, and framing materials. The latest innovations and technology produce windows that combine energy efficiency, functionality, aesthetic appeal into their designs. With that said, not every replacement window is constructed the same. Some offer more advantages and other are have better construction.

Replacement Windows - Syracuse, NYAndersen 100 Series Replacement Windows
If you are looking to replace windows in your home, Andersen 100 Series replacement windows is worth considering. They are made with their own innovative composite materials called Fibrex. This material retains stability and rigidity no matter the climate, it stays weather tight. The finish comes in six exterior colors with two interior color options and is scratch-resistant. The Fibrex material also helps save on natural resources because it is composed of 40% reclaimed wood fiber by weight. Special polymer formulations surround and fill each wood fiber, enabling top performance. The 100 Series won’t warp due to sun exposer as they can withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees. The Andersen 100 Series replacement windows offer you twice the stability than you get with vinyl windows. The windows you put in your home you want to last for years and Andersen 100 Series is designed to look as good 10 years down the road as they do when they are first installed.

Vinyl Replacement Windows
When talking about Vinyl Replacement Windows the most recognizable features is the glass and the framing material. What is a vinyl window? Well, the short answer is vinyl is used to frame the window. Vinyl windows have been around for some time. They were first manufactured in 1959 as an alternative to traditional wood windows. In the 1990s vinyl replacement windows really took off in popularity. Even though manufacturing has continued to improve on this technology homes that have had vinyl windows installed over the last couple of decades now see them begin to sag and discolor.

Vinyl windows are made using polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Yes, the same material you have heard in reference to plumbing products. Because of this, they are not a natural product and they do have an environmental impact. Vinyl replacement windows offer energy-efficient performance but not all vinyl windows are made the same. There are different manufacturers and each has its own construction process.

There are advantages to vinyl windows worth noting. Vinyl windows help reflect heat from the outside during the summer and keep heat in during the winter. They are also cost-effective but they do range in price. The cheap price range will not give you windows that will last for many years to come as they are constructed of lesser-grade materials. Vinyl windows are also maintenance-free so there is no need for yearly painting and they clean easily.

Homeowners looking to replace their old drafty windows have lots of options today. The popularity of vinyl replacement windows and grown and so has the manufactures and quality as well. Some manufactures like Andersen have taken steps to improve in the construction of replacement windows to offer customers a product that not only lasts longer but offers better performance.