Home Improvement: Hardwood Flooring vs. Carpeting

There are a variety of advantages and some disadvantages when it comes to hardwood flooring in Syracuse and Central New York. Carpet is still the most common floor covering in most homes and apartments in the Syracuse area. Many homeowners prefer carpet, in fact, because it feels better during the long, cold winter months in Upstate New York, so it made a lot of sense when homes were built decades ago, and it still does. But when it comes to Syracuse home improvement and renovations, hardwood floors are coming on strong, and for good reason.

Hardwood Flooring: The Advantages

Many Syracuse NY area homeowners have upgraded their flooring with either real wood or laminated wood flooring. Let’s face it: a deep oak or cherry wood floor is infinitely more appealing and attractive than carpeting, and adds immeasurably to a home’s resale value. Wood flooring is also much easier to maintain, particularly when you are dealing with pets and children. And if you are considering downsizing and selling your home, quality hardwood flooring can close the sale and enhance the bottom line of your home sale, especially when you compare it to that old shag carpet you probably grew up with.  Other hardwood floor advantages include:

  • Much easier to clean and keep new-looking than carpet
  • Always looks great
  • Adds resale value to your home
  • More natural looking and goes with virtually any decor

Disadvantages Of Carpet When Compared to Wood Floors

If you have pets or small children, then you have already learned that carpet is not your friend. It can be one of the hardest floor coverings from which to remove stains and keep clean and fresh looking. And if you have dust allergies, forget it. When it comes to home renovations and improvements in the Syracuse area, carpet will keep your home generally much warmer than wood flooring will. And carpeting is cheaper, but it can easily be damaged. Some common sources of damage can include cuts, missing patches, and carpet that needs to be restretched.

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