Remodeling your basement is a big project but it can do so much for your home. It gives you more living space and increases the value of your home. There are many decisions that go into a basement remodel but the one that a lot of people don’t give much thought to is the ceiling that would best fit into your new space.

Most homeowners are surprised that there is more than one option. To help give you some insight into the different options available and their pros and cons we are going to go over suspended drop ceilings and drywall ceilings. Both options are great basement ceiling options but there are major differences.

Basement Remodeling: Choosing the Best Ceiling

Syracuse NY basement ceiling remodelSuspended ceilings also referred to as dropped ceilings offer a world of options. If you love the world of interior home improvement construction and design, then drop ceilings may be something you will enjoy learning more about. They can come in a variety of colors and styles to match just about any remodeling project.

The installation of a drop ceiling is often easy to install, and the panels provide great insulation for those that would like to remove the “echo” that you often get in a basement environment. This is great especially if you are planning to use your remolded basement as a home theater.

In basements for many homes, is where your breaker box is and there are pipes that run through the space. The paneled ceiling gives you the ability to conceal those unsightly things, but you still have access to those utility features should you need to.

There is a downside to a dropped ceiling. They do take away from your vertical space. If your basement doesn’t have a lot of headroom, then a drop ceiling will make it even less. If you are a tall person this could be a real problem and therefore not the best choice.

Finished Basement Projects & Drywall Ceiling

If you would like to keep as much vertical space as possible then drywall is definitely the way to go. A lot of people claim that this material is a more professional or conservative look and will give you a consistent look throughout your home.

In most homes, today drywall is a common building material used. This material does have a drawback to it. If electrical, pipe, or ductwork needs to be done, contractors will have to cut ‘exploration holes’ in the drywall ceiling to find an issue or work on a problem.

These holes can bring with them unanticipated repair costs and can be difficult to hide after the repair is complete. Then there are unforeseen issues like pipe leaks that can ruin an entire ceiling overnight. Repairing damaged drywall can be expensive and you have to paint the entire ceiling, so it looks right.

Your home is your castle, and a basement remodel is a great way to make that space usable and not just for storage. There is a lot that needs to be considered when planning to redo your basement. At Empire State Professionals, our experience can be put to work for you so your finished basement exceeds any pre-conceived expectations you may have.