A deck adds to your home by giving you usable space. Over the last two years, a lot of us have been spending a lot more time at home and have come to learn the value of having indoor/outdoor living space. Quality deck construction gives you gathering spaces for years to come.

If your home has richly designed hardwood flooring? Bring them outside with your deck design. Today there are so many colors and textures for composite decking that you can extend that look of hardwood into your deck.

For many, the thought of installing a deck onto your home can seem like a major project but there are major benefits to it. With help from a trusted deck builder like Empire State Professionals, you can have a beautiful place to relax outdoors. It also gives your family a place to enjoy while creating memories together.

Home Deck Construction - Syracuse, NYAdvantages of Decks

First and foremost a deck adds aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your home. Whether you choose natural pressure-treated wood or go with composite decking, your new deck can add character to your home.

Deck materials come in a variety of colors and finishes. Some of which you can paint or stain to complement your home’s current design or color. For example, many homeowners, when building or renovating their deck, will match the color of their new deck with the color of their window shutters. When you coordinate your deck to your home you can make an exterior design that looks both appealing and natural.

Light It Up

More than ever LED lighting has become popular. The trend took hold in 2021 and it will continue into the new year. Whether it is strip lighting along the railing, stairs, or other areas to create an environment that you will enjoy when the sun goes down.

Outdoor lighting can highlight your home’s features. Placing lighting in certain areas can create an ambiance for any event like family movie night.

Boosts the Value of Your Home

Some experts claim that installing an outdoor deck can increase the value of a home more than adding an additional bathroom or living room would. As for costs, desks are often cheaper to have done than other home renovation projects.

The cost of building a deck in Syracuse and Central New York will depend on the size you want and the materials that will be used. Most homeowners will recoup nearly 70% of the cost if they sell their homes. Many prospective home buyers prefer a home with a deck, especially if it was professionally designed and installed. Decks give a clean outdoor space that homebuyers can easily see themselves using.

Provides a Place to Host Parties and Family Get-togethers

Home decks offer a great place to throw summer parties, have barbeques, and just enjoy time with family and friends. If you are thinking of replacing that tired old deck of yours or want a new deck built the many options available can give you all the benefits and virtually no downside.