You’re thinking about having a new deck, but what type of materials should you use? Today there is composite decking and natural wood and both offer distinct advantages and disadvantages when you are building a new deck for your home.

Deck Maintenance

syracuse home improvement deck contractor builderThere is a lot of beauty and character arrived from natural wood decks, but they do require a lot of work to maintain. You can plan on spending from 16 to 32 hours a year cleaning, painting, and staining your wood deck. Over time it will deteriorate more and more even with good maintenance.

Composite decking doesn’t require refinishing. To keep it clean, you can simply use a sprayer with soap then gently scrub with a soft bristle brush to get your deck clean. You can expect to spend two to three hours on deck maintenance of a composite deck each year.

Durability of Deck Construction

Like any wood products, decks are susceptible to the weather, and over a period of years can decay, warp, become green with mold, and fall into a general state of disrepair. Wooden decks also are very susceptible to weathering and over time their color will fade from exposure to sun and rain. The average life of a wooden deck is 15 to 30 years, depending upon how well maintained it is.

Composite decks are not susceptible to the same things as wood decks. They are constructed from durable, long-lasting materials. A composite deck can have a lifespan of up to 50 years, since they hold up so well against the sun and harsh weather for a protracted period of time.

Wooden vs. Composite Deck Construction Cost

The old saying is still true, especially when it comes to a Syracuse home improvement project like adding a new deck to your home – “You get what you pay for.”  While pressure treated wooden decks cost less than composite decks, over time you will pay out more for maintaining your deck. Things to consider if you are on a tight budget, then a wood deck may be the best choice, but if your budget allows, go for a composite deck. It will cost more to install but you will make that money up in less upkeep to maintain it.

Building Your Deck

The advantages of composite decks are what is making them so popular. Enjoy your backyard and have cookouts with friends and spend less time maintaining your deck. At Empire State Professionals we have installed countless decks and whatever you can dream up, we can help make it happen.